Mobile flood pump truck capital airport is put into use

On July 11th, the mobile flood pump truck developed by the city sanitation group was put into use at the Capital Airport. It can drain the water under the Yingbin Bridge at the airport in a few minutes. The car can also be used for flood discharge of other overpasses, 2007 During the rainy season, there is no need to worry about traffic jams under the overpass.

The relevant technical personnel of the Environmental Sanitation Group said that the first flood pump truck participated in the first “combat” at the Capital Airport on June 18, and the flood discharge effect reached the design expectation. The flood discharge time was very short, only less than 10 minutes. You can complete the water caused by moderate rainfall. The car is highly mobile and only takes up one lane during operation, which has little impact on traffic.

The designed drainage capacity of the car is 1000 to 3000 cubic meters per hour. The equipment components are all modularized, and all operations can be automated. The operator can quickly and conveniently put the overpass under the LCD screen. The accumulated water is drained into the drain.

According to reports, this mobile flood pump truck is the first in China and can solve the water accumulation under most overpasses. The city will gradually equip such vehicles as needed to ensure that water is drained under the overpass quickly during the rainy season, reducing the impact of precipitation on traffic.

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