“Weichai Power, which has just resumed trading, has a direct daily limit after the opening.” This is a topic that senior investors of Weichai Power have been arguing about. According to industry insiders, apart from the intensive launch of the revitalization plan, it is also rel

First, the amount of fertilizer needed for wheat and fertilizer requirements. Wheat in Jiangsu Province is usually planted in the middle or late October. The growth period is relatively long, and it generally takes 210-230 days from sowing to maturity. Wheat is a crop that requires more

On June 2, Changan's independently researched and developed H-series engines successfully ignited at the Chang'an Chongqing site, signifying that Changan's engine technology has completely reached the international advanced level. It is understood that the H series is a 1.1-1.6L inlin

On the morning of the 10th, the opening ceremony of the 5th Pan-Pearl River Delta Regional Economic and Trade Fair and the signing ceremony of the project were formally launched. After the ceremony was initiated, Guangzhou Auto Group Co., Ltd. and Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. formally

In order to control the exhaust valve, the spool of the control valve is longitudinally displaced so as to communicate with the high-pressure port or the low-pressure port and the first pressure chamber in the drive where the driver piston is displaceable. The displacement of the stem of the exha

Jiangling and Yuchai, two of China's largest automakers, awarded Honeywell's "2008 Outstanding Supplier" award to Turbocharger Technology. Jiangling Motors presented the "2008 Outstanding Supplier" award to Honeywell Turbo Technology at the 2009 Purchasing Conference i

China Economic Net Xiamen July 31st, China Economic Net reporter learned from Xiamen Jinlong Wagons Co., Ltd. today that it will further intensify the overseas after-sales service of gold passenger cars, gain an in-depth understanding of the market, and provide technical support for overseas distr