From the analysis of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region’s economic operation, it was learned that investment in the industrial sector in Xinjiang grew rapidly in the first quarter. The fixed assets investment in the region was 8.55 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 17.7%, of which 7.43 bi

Recently, Applied Materials announced the introduction of the advanced AppliedCenturaTetraTM III mask etching device, which is the only nanofabrication technology system currently available to provide 45nm photomask etching. TetraIII controls the depth of the groove to within 10 Ã

From July 4th to 5th, under the guidance of the company's technical department, Shuigang Steelmaking Plant successfully developed ER70S-6 and 65Mn steel in a steelmaking industry, of which ER70S-6 steel produced 3 furnaces of 83.49 tons and 65Mn produced 5 furnaces. Qualified 4

Due to food safety issues, fuel ethanol, which was once widely regarded as an alternative fuel, will not develop rapidly in the future. According to the Medium- and Long-Term Plan for Renewable Energy, by 2010, the annual production capacity of fuel ethanol will reach 2 million tons, with an averag

As the saying goes: "The cold dew does not bow, cut and feed the old cow." Rice is a warm-tempered crop. Young panicle differentiation to maturity is more sensitive to external environments such as temperature. At the meiosis stage of pollen mother cells (middle and late booting

Although the global high oil prices, appreciation of the renminbi, Sinopec general sales and PetroChina's expansion of sales and many other factors, the current domestic polyethylene industry is still booming in both production and sales, with equipment loads exceeding 100%, and the industry is

On July 11th, the mobile flood pump truck developed by the city sanitation group was put into use at the Capital Airport. It can drain the water under the Yingbin Bridge at the airport in a few minutes. The car can also be used for flood discharge of other overpasses, 2007 During t