The Hunan Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce recently notified the quality inspection of the commodity sector in the circulation in the third quarter of 2016. A total of 60 sets of lighting products were sampled from 33 distribution units in the three regions of Huaihua, Changde and

In addition to the general industrial use of UV-LEDs, the trend of application of the sterilization function of home appliances such as air cleaners or air conditioners is expected to become more and more popular. In addition to the main product UV-A, Nichia will actively invest in short-wave UV-B a

Vehicle model: Chusheng CSC5089TQZBP5 wrecker Chassis model: BJ5089XXY-FA Chassis configuration: 3800 wheelbase, 2.05 m wide cab, single row forward, 6 gearbox, 6 ton rear axle, 7.50R16 wire tire, power steering, air conditioning, cruise control, clutch assist, air brake, ABS, Cummins 154 hor

It is the hometown of Asian flying man Su Bingtian, and is also the world-famous lighting capital. In Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, a small town with an area of ​​less than 50 square kilometers, lighting sales account for more than 70% of the domestic lighting market. Recently, Guzhen T

On December 8, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle 2016 Supplier Conference was held in Wuhan. The theme of this conference is to attract suppliers from all over the country to gather together. Jiangsu Kelansu Automobile Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the conference as a urea

[China Agricultural Machinery Industry News] 2016's aquaculture industry is a year of change. Many friends returning home said: "I want to do aquaculture, but I have no way to start." China is a big agricultural country, and farming is a direct source of economic resources for village

During the 2016 Shanghai BMW Show, Michelin held the “Engineering Tire Day” series in Shanghai and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with domestic companies. The theme of the event was "Choose the tires and change everything." Michelin showed off its new product XDR3