China's First Zero Carbon Emissions Express Light Truck Wuhan Test Run

China's first two zero-emission electric courier light trucks debuted in Jiangcheng and began trial operation. The car is produced by Dongfeng Motor and used by TNT Group, the world's leading express mail service provider. This is an important layout of TNT's efforts to become the world's first road and air transport company to achieve zero carbon dioxide emissions.

Wuhan Mayor Ruan Chengfa, Dongfeng Motor Company General Manager Xu Ping and TNT Group Global CEO Peter Buck opened the new car.

The zero-carbon emission electric courier light trucks launched this time will be designed, manufactured and assembled by Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. Its driving power is a set of batteries, which can achieve zero carbon emissions during operation. TNT and Dongfeng Motor agreed that the electric courier light truck is the ideal solution to reduce CO2 emissions in Chinese cities. Both parties will work hard to further promote the application of this electric light truck in the Chinese urban express service field.

TNT has promoted the use of zero-carbon electric express light trucks in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. In addition, express vehicles testing using biofuels, biogas, or hydrogen as a driving energy source are also conducted in India, the Netherlands, and Germany.

Mr. Peter Bakker said: "The first two electric courier trucks in China are the first of their kind outside of the European market. We look forward to setting the benchmark for the Chinese transportation industry to reduce CO2 emissions."

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Dimensions:                                   2250*1400*1640mm

Maximum speed:                          50km/h
Economic speed:                          35km/h
Grand ability:                                 12º (20%)
Wheelbase:                                    1560mm
Trackbase:                                     1106/1126mm(front),1146mm/1166mm(rear)
Rated passenger number:           2 persons (including driver)
Curbweight:                                   720kg
Weight without battery:               450kg
Min.ground clearance:                 134mm
Tire size(mm):                               1/65 R12
Transmission system:                 CVT
Motor contral system:                 48V/4.5kw AC motor
Charge(input v/kw):                     single AC charging
Charging time:                              8-10h
Batteries:                                       Free maintenance Acid-lead battery 8v/150Ah*6pieces
Max.cruising range:                     120-150km under speed 35km/h
Range:                                            72KM (at max speed)
Range:                                            86KM (at 50 km/h)
Range:                                            110KM (at 40km/h)
Body structure:                              Module type car standard
Suspended system:                      Mc Person type front suspension,Intergal rear bridge
Brake system:                                Front:disc /Rear:drum
Min.turning radius:                       4.5m
Parking brake:                               Mechanical cable type
Qty/container:                               8pcs/40HQ,4pcs/20GP
Delivery time:                                30days
color option:                                  Red,Blue,Orange,White,Green,Yellow

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