Aeroflex Releases 920 Digital RF Integrated Tester

Aeroflex announces the introduction of the new 3920 digital RF integrated tester for analog systems, TETRA and P25 technology. With new enhancements, the 3920 provides professional testers with more integrated test functions, convenient remote control and powerful file management. The new generation of the Aeroflex 3900 series 3920 will replace the original 3901 and 3902 RF testers. With more new features and new features, the 3920 can still support all of the test functions previously performed by the 3901 and 3902, including TETRA mobile, base station and pass-through mode testing.

The 3920's optional three-and-a-half digital multimeter measures AC and DC voltage, current and resistance. Use the front panel port to quickly measure AC voltages up to 150Vrms and DC voltages up to 150V. In addition, the 3920 can measure currents up to 20A (using an optional external shunt) and can be used as a fully automated ohmmeter capable of measuring 0-20 ohm resistance. With an easy-to-install front-panel fuse, the 3920 is fully protected against overvoltage or overcurrent conditions. The 3920 also supports the ability to export files to a USB memory, as well as an external USB input device such as a mouse and keyboard to simplify the operation of the 3920. The USB interface located directly below the front panel DMM port is more user friendly. The GPIB port and network port of the instrument are convenient for remote operation of the instrument, and the automatic test program can greatly improve the efficiency of use.

In addition, the 3920 can measure and analyze audio signals up to 30Vrms. The 3920 can be used to fully analyze audio signals, including measuring AF frequency, AF level, SINAD, distortion, AC noise, and signal-to-noise ratio. The 3920 has a standard RF range from 10MHz (available from 100kHz) to 1GHz, with the OPT058 installed to extend the operating band to 2.7GHz.

As a software-defined radio tester, the 3920 supports AM and FM analysis as a standard feature, but for new digital radio communication systems such as TETRA, Project25 and Motorola HPD technology, the tester provides extended test functionality via options. The 3920 also simulates the now-discontinued Agilent 8920A/B Series in terms of test functions and GPIB instruction codes, and can simulate more than 90% of the 8920B commands. The 3920 is fully compliant with CE and UL standards.

Are such issues only because of your cylindrical grinding machine?
Causes of geometry faults such as improper circularity and cylindricity as well as surface roughness could be the insufficient machine precision or the balance of grinding stones. However, in many cases, all those issues may be caused by the accuracy of the "Center Hole". 
If you feel something should be improved, please first check the accuracy of the center hole. Not only can the causes of accuracy failure be because of center hole, but the "Centering machine" and "Center Hole Grinding Machine" can be the causes, too. 

"2M8015" created by a highly precise Machining Center manufacturing technique
XINXIANG SUNRISE's machining center, well known for its excellent precision and long lifetime, is highly appreciated by world-class machine manufacturers. And "2M8015", SUNRISE's Center Hole Grinding machine, is developed by utilizing SUNRISE's designing philosophy and essences of the manufacturing technique.
2M8015 is a precise center hole grinding machine capable of grinding both center holes accurately without turning the work pieces. Delivery of 2M8015 into the market made a step forward to the future potential of extra precision cylindrical grinding machines. 

The accuracy of the center hole influences that of cylindrical grinding greatly. The grinding motion of the unique grinding stone of 2M8015 is capable of grinding the center hole into the super-accurate polygonal shape with a deviation of 2μm or less, and this can only be realized by the cutting edge technology of SUNRISE. The center hole, which is polygonal-shaped based on the three-point support principle, is in contact with the spindle stock of the cylindrical grinding machine and the center of tailstock at three points precisely and securely. This makes possible the further higher grinding accuracy using your currently available cylindrical grinding machines.

Center Hole Grinding Machine

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