Development and Application of Germplasm Resources Management System

The construction and application of the germplasm resource management system provides convenience and rapidity for the genetic breeding of crops, and has a very high application value for the breeding of crop varieties. The development and use of the germplasm resource management system greatly improves the actual utilization of germplasm resources, promotes the development of breakthrough varieties, and makes the resource data management more scientific and standardized.

Crop germplasm resources, also known as germplasm resources of agricultural plant genetic resources. The indispensable important material basis for human survival and sustainable development is the crop germplasm resources. The improvement of human living environment and the improvement of the quality of life will mainly depend on the biological germplasm resources. It not only provides a good ecological environment for human survival, but also the necessary clothing, medicines, foods, etc. that are necessary for survival. Crop germplasm resources are also called genetic resources. Germplasm resources are uncreative and non-renewable. With the continuous development of biological science and technology, in molecular biology, although functional genes can be cut, moved, grafted and recombined, humans cannot yet create functional genes. This means that once a certain gene has disappeared from the earth, it is difficult to create advanced methods. Some germplasm resources that are about to endanger or disappear will be rescued and protected in a timely manner because it is not only the disappearance of one species but also the extinction of genetic genes carried by these species.

The establishment of a germplasm resource management system will continue to increase the population, and food will also become a major problem for the world. Raising the yield per unit area is a major factor in increasing grain production, and improved varieties are the primary factors. The breeding of improved varieties depends on the diversity of genetic genes. Breeding of good varieties depends on the diversity of genetic genes. Only after thoroughbred breeding can the biological characteristics of varieties be maintained, the genetic gene stable and the yield stable. In breeding, the discovery and utilization of key genes is an important foundation for achieving breakthrough results. The cultivation of any new breed is based on the original plant germplasm resources, and is modified by selection, hybridization, backcrossing, mutagenesis and other methods. , processing and improvement can meet the breeding goals. Therefore, germplasm resources are the material basis for crop genetics and breeding. Practice has proved that the richer the germplasm resources, the stronger the predictability of breeding, and the more likely it is to cultivate excellent new varieties.

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Raw Material Handling Equipment

CONNECT rendering raw material handling equipment including the raw material hopper, silo, large bones or animals crusher, feature water squeez machine to remove the water which come from slaughterhouse, the feature belt conveyor which for feeding the raw material into digestor. The small capacity rendering plant is working with the raw material feeding conveyor to digest to realize the semi-automatic working process for feeding. The large capacity rendering plant need working with the raw matereial hopper, feeding pump system to form the fully automatic working which not only saving labors cost but also match the large working capacity.

Raw Material Handling Equipment, Raw Material Bin, Raw Material Silo

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