How to install and adjust I-beam

The HC-type I-beam block series provides a conductive form for the crane trolley. The I-beam block consists of walking wheels, brackets and pallets. The flexible cable is fixed on the pallet and the traction frame is synchronized with the cable pulley. Trolley power supply purpose.

The HC series I-beam blocks are divided into medium-load type, heavy-load type, and light-load type. The I-beam blocks therefore have three types of wheels: Ф80, Ф63, and Ф50. The load capacity is ≤ 50∽150kg. The number of slabs is divided into single layer, double layer and three layers. There are three types in each type. The first end of the I-steel block is a cable tractor and the terminal is a fixed thread rack.

1. After the I-steel block has been fixed, the rear side should be attached with a baffle.

2, adjust the traction head, I-beam block car so that the trolley does not touch the upper and lower edges of the traction hole as a whole.

3, the cable length is 1.2 times the crane span plus 8 meters.

4, adjust the traction steel wire rope, I-beam to make its length less than the length of the same section of cable, run by the traction rope force.

5, I-steel block When the cable diameter is not equal, the cable clamp should be cushioned with a soft rubber, so that the outer diameter is basically the same, in order to clamp the cable.

6. When distributing cables, consideration shall be given to the balanced force of the two cable trays.

7, when the cable pulley for the second floor, three floors, the same requirements.

8. The double washers on the I-steel block device are adjusting washers. When the guide rails are not suitable, the washers are placed on the inner side of the fixing plate to adjust the width of the gauge. The guide rail is I100*68*4.5 and I120* when leaving the factory. Made of 74*5, I140*80*5, I160*88*6. Non-standard pulley processing according to drawings.

Grinding Glass Beads

Product Description

Grinding Glass Microsphere
1. To select glass beads in types, sizes and quantity in accordance with viscosity, rigidity and dispersal of the grinded materials.
2. To clean glass beads and mill's inside before the grinding processed.
3. To input the grinded materials firstly and a curtain amount of glass beads later. To add continuously glass beads till 70%~80% of the mill is full.
4. To forbid to keep glass beads funning with little grinded material for a long time, as the glass beads inside the mill are easily broken at high speed operation.

5. To add new glass beads to ensure the quality and efficiency of grinded materials.

Grinding glass beads are mainly used for the disperser, grinding media of industries, such as coloring, paint, ink, coatings, resins, chemical engineering, with the advantages of smooth surface, even size, high hardness, good chemical stability. Thanks to the characteristics of heat-resistant, wearable, compression strength, the filling-type bead could be used to improve glass fibre reinforced plastic, rubber, and so on.
The glass bead can be produced based on the standard of countries or areas, such as EN1423/1424, AASHTO M247, BS6088, JIS R3301 and KS L2521 etc.

Grinding Glass Beads

Grinding Glass Beads1

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