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In urban life, there are two types of common sanitation vehicles: garbage trucks and sprinklers. Under normal circumstances, there are two kinds of garbage trucks, which are more widely known as hook-arm garbage trucks and rear compression garbage trucks. Relatively speaking, the compact garbage truck started late in China, and its internal structure is more complex than the hook-arm garbage truck. In this issue, we will focus on the compact garbage truck. Working principle: Compression garbage truck is composed of sealed garbage container, hydraulic system and operating system. The entire vehicle is fully sealed, self-contained, self-dumping, and sewage in the compression process all enter the sewage chamber, which completely solves the secondary pollution problem in the garbage transportation process.

Zoomlion’s compact garbage truck has become the world's leading garbage truck

The operating principle of the compact garbage truck is roughly divided into four phases: The first phase: The scraper swings upwards and is ready for insertion into loose waste. The second stage: The skateboard drives the scraper down and inserts the loose waste in the collection box. The third stage: The scraper swings down to make a circular arc, scraping the trash and allowing it to enter the main compartment. Stage 4: The skateboard moves the scraper up and fills the garbage into the main compartment. This completes the filling cycle.

Zoomlion's compression-type garbage trucks produced by Zoomlion have become global mainstream garbage trucks because of their advantages such as high pressure, good sealing, large load, and easy operation. The use of compressed garbage trucks in China is relatively short, and the first compact garbage truck was independently developed by Sany Group. So far, there have been hundreds of companies producing compressed garbage trucks across the country, and there are compressed garbage truck manufacturers represented by Zhonglian, Beijing Hualin, Fujian Longma, and Aerospace Chenguang.

Zhonglian's garbage trucks generally use Dongfeng's chassis. The dustbin is made of reinforced beams and steel plates welded to form a solid frame structure. The bottom plate is concave, the sides and the top surface are arcuate curved surfaces, beautiful and not easily deformed; the push shovel is composed of a steel pipe skeleton and a folding panel, which is not only structurally lightweight but also capable of making The garbage is evenly distributed and the unloading is thorough; the filling device is mainly composed of shells of the filler, slide plates, scrapers and other components. Each component adopts a beam plate or box structure with good stress, and has a firm structure and light weight. The car body is seamless, without skeleton welding, the appearance is beautiful, and the overall anti-corrosion treatment is required.

In the hydraulic system that lifts the filler, a one-way balancing valve is provided. The valve not only ensures a smooth drop of the filling device, but also blocks the direct connection between the lifting cylinder and the hydraulic hose. Even if the oil tube bursts, the filling device will not drop suddenly and cause a serious accident. Increased use of security.

At the same time, Zoomlion's compact garbage truck adopts PLC integrated control imported from Japan. The logic circuit ensures that all operating instructions are executed in order to reduce the occurrence of faults; the emergency brake button can make the garbage compaction mechanism in any state or Stop at any position to ensure the safety of operators and equipment. The job control box is installed in the cab and rear respectively. The operation control box in the cab can control pushing and unloading and select the operation mode (such as automatic or manual). The rear job control box controls the press filling mechanism and the turnover mechanism. The operation is very easy to use. Especially in landfills, operators can complete discharging and sewage discharge without getting off the train.

It can be seen from China Zoom's compact garbage truck that the compact garbage truck in China has made great progress in recent years. However, compared with foreign advanced compressed garbage trucks, there are still some deficiencies in operational noise, sealability, loading quality, and mechanization. Classification processing is the direction of HEIL is the United States manufacturer of garbage trucks, mainly producing front loading and unloading, rear loading and unloading, side loading and unloading garbage trucks.

The main feature of HEIL compressed garbage is divided into two independent loading hoppers, which are divided into recyclable garbage and non-recyclable garbage loading hoppers. At present, there is no device for such classification processing in China. In some large cities, such as Beijing and Shanghai, the most common way to deal with garbage classification is to use different garbage trucks to load recyclables and non-recyclables. From this point of view, although China's garbage trucks are synchronized with foreign countries in terms of appearance, weight, and electrical control, they are still quite inadequate in terms of waste sorting and automation.

Precast Concrete Magnet

Precast concrete magnet is configured with a big neodymium block magnet in to a steel house.the neodymium block magnet is very big of size which is very large.Magnet for precast concrete, is a magnetic tool to hold concrete formwork. There are two hex bolt and a round handle button on the top of the precast concrete magnet, the hex bolt is for fixed with adapter and handle button is for push to use.

How to use precast magnet box? People who use this magnet need to find some shuttering adapter to suit the precast magnet box onto the concrete framework, this framework could be made of plywood,wood, iron steel, aluminum... Then push the round handle button on the top, the block magnet in steel box will sink and contact and catch with iron steel part. After setting the magnet to the formwork,The concrete will be formed trimly just as the precast framework likes.

If someone want to remove the concrete magnet, he need to find a crowbar and pry up the round handle button and the block magnet will return to its position and not catch the iron steel.

Using the concrete formwork magnet is very convenient, construction workers could build a concrete formwork on a ground ,and fit two hex bolt with the adapter onto the the concrete formwork. There is another means of using the concrete formwork magnet,workers could hold the concrete formwork on a hydraulic platform,build and stock the concrete walls,and using forklift and crane to carry the walls while using them.

What are the advantages of using precast concrete magnet in modern architecture construction? By using the concrete magnet, the concrete could form very trimly of sizes for building constructions. By using the concrete magnet, the construction process could be much quicker as workers could stock concrete walls and use these concrete walls to build architecture. The repute of the construction company will be much better and customer will happy to pay the money for the timely construction works. By using the magnet for precast concrete, there will be less concrete works in dangerous high situations, worker could finish their work more safely and construction could save more insurance cost and give higher salary to the workers.

By using concrete formwork magnet,the workers could save more time while build constructions, after using concrete formwork magnet, there will be less risk or danger during the constructing process. In a word, the concrete formwork magnet could enhance the speed of build while inform more security,the workers could make more money from the construction and businessman could earn more money from their business.

The concrete formwork magnet is strong magnetism,please keep the electrical product and card away from it,also, while using the concrete formwork magnet do not put your hand or feet or any part of body under the magnet,it will cause injure.

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