·In February 2016, global light vehicle sales reached 6.6 million units, and the Chinese market slowed down

According to LMC Automotive, in February 2016, the global sales of light vehicles (passenger cars and light commercial vehicles) were 660,900 units, an increase of 2.7% year-on-year. The growth rate in the United States and Western Europe is relatively fast, but China and Japan have only slightly increased or fallen, resulting in a low overall speed.

In February 2016, global light vehicle sales were 6,600,875 units, up 2.7% year-on-year from 6,429,653 units in February 2015. The rate was better than in January of this year, when LMC gave January global light vehicle sales increased by 2.1% from 7,152,862 units to 7,302,618 units. However, as the data has been adjusted since then, the latest data, the cumulative sales from January to February only increased by 2.0%, from 13,578,828 to 13,847,455.

Based on the February sales rate, LMC forecasts annual sales of 88,974,394 units. The sales rate in January-February was 89,244,931 units after the annualization, a slight increase of 0.2% from the 89,097,019 units in 2015.

In February, US and Western European light vehicle sales grew at a higher rate, with Japan and Eastern Europe falling. The Chinese market increased slightly by 0.6% from 1,648,292 units to 1,657,751 units. China and Japan, Eastern Europe and South America have slowed global growth.

From January to February, the cumulative sales of light vehicles in the Chinese market was 4,233,602 units, compared with 4,041,993 units in the same period last year, up 4.7% year-on-year. Based on the February sales rate, the annualized forecast is 24,876,337 units, based on the cumulative sales rate of 25,380,784 units.

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