State Grid Chi Institute: HVDC breaker technology breakthroughs

May 15, State Grid Smart Grid Research Institute of 200 kV high voltage DC circuit breaker project passed the China Institute of Electrical Engineering identification of technical achievements. The appraisal committee believes that the project has made significant innovative achievements in many aspects such as basic theory, key technologies, prototype development and experimental equivalent research. The independently developed high voltage DC circuit breaker is the prototype with the highest level of the world's parameters and the overall technology has reached International advanced level, it is recommended to promote application as soon as possible.

It is reported that, relying on the National Energy Board and the State Grid Corporation of major science and technology projects, the project team based on independent innovation, which lasted three years of technical research, breaking the basic theoretical research, the development of key components, prototype integration and testing of a series of key technical challenges, creatively Proposed a full-bridge cascade hybrid HVDC breaker topology, developed the world's first 200 kV HVDC breaker. The circuit breaker can be cut within 3 milliseconds up to 15 KA fault current, the breaking speed of human blink of an eye even faster than 100 times faster.

Breakthroughs in key technologies and prototype development of HVDC circuit breakers have filled the gap in this field in our country, breaking the technical blockade of multinational corporations and further consolidating the company's technological leading position in the field of high voltage DC circuit breakers. Next, the State Grid Chi Institute will promote high-voltage DC circuit breaker engineering technology research, project demonstration and application to complete and promote innovation.

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