Shandong set up an international intelligent meter reading building intelligent model project attracts attention

[China Instrument Network Instrumentation Industry] On November 5, the completion ceremony of the Shandong Smart Micrometer Co., Ltd. smart meter reading building was held in the company. The attendees of this celebration included Lin Runquan, the chief editor of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Research Center, editor of the Industry Standard Remote Reading System for Civil Buildings; Huikei, Director of the County Waterworks Working Committee of the Water Association of China; and leaders of water associations from other regions. There are also leaders from more than 30 water companies in Shandong, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Shanxi, Henan, Hebei, Anhui, Hubei, and Guangdong; leaders of Qingzhou City, Qingzhou Electronic Industry Association, agents, suppliers and societies across the country. Friends and guests from all walks of life. The ceremony was hosted by Pan Ruoyu.

Mr. Pan Ke from Shandong Xiaowei Technology Co., Ltd. expressed his warm welcome and heartfelt gratitude to the guests and friends present at the ceremony. The welcome speech stated that: After more than three years, the International Smart Meter Reading Tower overcame many difficulties and risks and was formally completed and put into use on November 5, 2016. In detail, the "International Smart Meter Reading Building" is an intelligent model project integrating R&D testing, simulation demonstration, production verification, and information services. It is the world's first intelligent meter reading system with electronic information specialization function. building. The building has 21 floors above the ground and 1 underground floor with a total area of ​​30,000 square meters. A state-level R&D center, a national test center, the nation's largest remote water meter operation platform, and a remote water meter international exhibition hall will be built here. Standing in this building, you can copy water meter data from all directions in the country and even the world. To this end, Min Wei people are particularly proud and proud!

After the ceremony, the guests and friends present visited the company's remote water meter history exhibition and product exhibition, research and development center, test center, meter reading center and production center. Everyone praised Weiwei's development, especially the leaders who had previously visited the company, affirmed the company's development and improvement, and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions.

"Intelligent remote water meter" is bound to be quickly popularized and promoted along with the development of the Internet of Things. It will have a new impact on urban management and people's lives, and it will surely bring about huge social and economic benefits. The establishment of the “International Smart Meter Reading Building” is to lead this technology and expand the industry. In the future development, we will take the building as a new starting point, forge ahead and innovate continuously, for China's residential remote meter reading industry Make greater contributions to development.

(Original title: The completion ceremony of Smart Microtech International Intelligent Meter Reading Building was successfully held)

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