A Brief Analysis of the Name of the Integrated Dynamic Load Tester for Seat Belts

A Brief Analysis of the Name of the Integrated Dynamic Load Tester for Seat Belt
Article from the Technical Department of Qingdao Zhongbang Instrument Co., Ltd.
Seat belt dynamic load tester is also called seatbelt impact tester. How is the name defined? In fact, according to the normal naming rule, it should be called the seatbelt overall dynamic load test device. Why is it called "test device" instead of Tester or tester? First, let's take a look at the definition of a test instrument (or experimental instrument, test equipment, test device):
Instruments refer to instruments or devices used for experiments, measurements, observations, inspections, drawings, etc. in science and technology. It is usually a set of equipment or machines prepared for a specific purpose. The instrument structure is relatively complex and belongs to high-tech products, which are composed of multiple components. The instrument has a variety of sizes, weights, and shapes. The smallest one can be operated directly in the hand. Larger instruments are generally called devices or devices.
Let's take a look at the structure of the seat belt overall dynamic load tester. The seat belt overall dynamic load tester is divided into impact test stands with a height of 6.5 meters and a length and width of 1.8 meters respectively. The lifting device, release device, and force measuring system are used. The system is divided into the control part and the force value acquisition part, which is also the core part of the whole set of equipment. Therefore, general testers have instrument manufacturers to provide detailed technical drawings. The user finds the construction company locally to place the test stand directly on the test site. Instrument manufacturers provide the core parts and technical support. There are two advantages to building a test rack in the local area. One is to avoid high transportation costs, and the other is to avoid the bumps in the transportation process that cause reliability issues on the shelf and the trouble of reassembling the site.
The above analysis can be seen that the full name of the entire seat belt dynamic load tester is called the seat belt overall dynamic load test device is more appropriate, but because the instrument manufacturers provide the core part of the force value acquisition system, so the instrument manufacturers usually called the seat belt The overall dynamic load tester.
Hanging low use. Hanging a seat belt high, people working underneath is called high hanging. This is a relatively safe and scientific method of hanging. It can reduce the actual impact distance when a crash occurs. In contrast with the low hanging high. It is the safety belt hanging in the low place and the person working on it. This is a very unsafe tying method, because when the fall occurs, the actual impact distance will increase, and both the person and the rope will be subject to a greater impact load. Therefore, the seat belts must be used in the same way as they are linked to.
The safety belt should be hung on a firm member or object. To avoid swinging or colliding, the rope should not be knotted and the hook should be hung on the connecting ring. High temperatures, open flames, strong acids, strong alkalis, or sharp objects should not be stored in a wet warehouse.
Seat belts are tested once after two years of use. Frequent use should be performed visually. Abnormalities must be replaced immediately. Regular seat belts or used seat belts may not be used again.
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