How to soft match with home accessories

Tips 1. Place the jewelry before it is small

Combining some home accessories to make it part of the visual focus, symmetry balance is important. When there are large furniture next to it, the order of the arrangement should be displayed from high to low to avoid visual discomfort. Or keep the same center of gravity of the two ornaments, for example, juxtaposing the two lamps with the same style and two pillows with the same color and pattern. This will not only create a harmonious sense of rhythm, but also give people a feeling of harmony and warmth. In addition, when the jewelry is placed, it can feel very comfortable visually when it is small enough to highlight the features of each jewelry.
Tip Two: Arranging home accessories It is not easy to make mistakes by arranging the overall style of the home to find out the approximate style and color. For example, simple home design, home furnishings with a sense of design is very suitable for the personality of the entire space; if it is a natural country style, it is based on natural wind home accessories.

Skills 3, start small home accessories

9 decorations, pillows, tablecloths, small ornaments and other small and medium-sized jewelry is the easiest to use to arrange a single product, layout beginners can start from these first, and then slowly spread to large-scale furnishings. Small home accessories tend to be the focus of the visual, and better reflect the owner's interests and hobbies. :

Skills four, home cloth is the focus

Every season, there are home furnishing fabrics of different colors and patterns. Whether it is a colorful printed calico, a gorgeous silk or a romantic lace, you only need to change the style of home furnishing, and you can transform different home styles. Furniture is more economical and easier to complete.
The colors of home furnishings fabrics should be unified to make them more harmonious and enhance the overall sense of the living room. Hard lines and cool shades in the home can be softened with fabrics. In spring, fresh spring flowers are selected for the spring season. In the summer, refreshing fruits or flowers are selected. In autumn and winter, fluffy pillows can be replaced to warm the winter. The

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