Analysis of problems related to tooth presets

In order to reduce the vibration of the power tool to the human tooth profile, in order to reduce the impact of a pair of teeth entering and engaging the mesh due to manufacturing errors, tooth deformation, etc., the gear tooth profile is usually consciously micro-trimmed. The shape of the tooth profile deviates from the theoretical tooth profile, and this purposeful profile modification is called profile modification.
The tooth profile is trimmed to cause damage to the oil film, metal contact adhesion, etc., causing gluing. Tooth direction modification To reduce the tooth misalignment caused by manufacturing errors and elastic deformation of the gear mechanism shaft parts, or to improve the lubrication state of the gear pair, the tooth surface is usually consciously trimmed along the tooth line direction, called the tooth. To modify the shape.
Tooth shape modification can be divided into tooth end thinning, drum shape trimming and the like. The tooth end thinning refers to the one or both ends of the gear tooth, and the tooth thickness is thinned according to the requirement of gradually increasing the thinning amount of the tooth end of the tooth in a small range of tooth width. The toothed end of the tooth is also known as the unloading tooth and the damage of the unloading tooth. The Bosch product is fully compliant with the 12 standard.

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