Yuchai's technological achievements in reducing residual stress in castings reach the international advanced level

The Guangxi Science and Technology Agency organized relevant experts to appraise the scientific and technological achievements of the project “Research on the Utilization of Heat-Recovery of Waste Heat of Engine Blocks and Cylinder Heads” completed by the Stock Company. The experts have identified that the project has independent intellectual property rights and is innovative, reaching the leading domestic and international advanced technology levels.

The scientific and technological achievement appraisal meeting of the project was held in the conference room on the 4th floor of Yuchai Power Building. The 7-member appraisal committee of Professor Li Yuancai, professor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology and professor of Guangxi University Chen Jiaquan, identified the technical achievements of the project. Li Weihong, Director of the Autonomous Region Science and Technology Department, Yu Yifei, Director of Yulin Science and Technology Bureau, Deputy Director Qiu Zhenquan, and Zhao Guoqin, Director of the foundry of the project team, Li Wuxin, deputy director of the project, and Tong Siyi, deputy director of the Quality Development Department of the Quality Department attended the meeting. The appraisal meeting.

At the meeting, Tong Siyi made a technical work report on the project from the aspects of work, economic and social benefits, and development prospects. After hearing the report, the experts of the appraisal committee questioned the members of the project team on the technical issues related to the project. Questioned by the experts, Zhao Guoqin and other members of the project team gave answers.

Finally, on the basis of reviewing the relevant technical documents and examining the production site, the appraisal committee has seriously discussed and formed an appraisal opinion: The project has independent intellectual property rights, is innovative, and has reached domestic leading and international advanced technology levels. The project conforms to the national energy-saving and emission-reduction policy, has significant economic and social benefits, and has broad application prospects. They unanimously recommend further expanding the scale of application and contribute to the promotion of industry promotion, energy-saving and emission-reduction.

Excessive residual stress in castings can easily lead to deformation and cracking of castings, affecting the quality of castings and further processing. For the first time, this project proposes the aging heat treatment process using residual heat of castings and electric auxiliary heating, and applies it to the aging heat treatment process of engine blocks, cylinder heads and other castings, and innovative electric auxiliary heating device and its heat treatment process. At present, the use of this technical achievement has achieved significant results in phases: First, the effect of reducing residual stress in castings is significant. The average residual stress of the casting after the treatment is less than 20 MPa, which is lower than that of the domestic traditional heat treatment. The second is the significant reduction of energy consumption. After three years of practical application, the total energy saving is 1.126 million Kwh. The equivalent of 4124.7 tons of standard coal has achieved remarkable economic benefits. Third, it reduces the space occupied by the traditional aging heat treatment process, improves the utilization rate and production efficiency of the operating site, greatly reduces the heat emission, and improves the operation of the workers. Environment and logistics are smooth.

According to relevant personnel, the technical achievements of this project will be further promoted and applied in the casting center under construction in Yuchai.

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